For Individual Photographers, Companies, and NGO's.

I am happy to offer my twenty years of photographic experience and wisdom consulting with other individual photographers, publishers, companies, corporations, and NGO's.

For individual Photographer:

In addition to photo workshops, I've been offering consulting services to photographers for more than fifteen years. I pride myself on helping photographers learn about the craft & industry, offering expert advice on best practices regarding stock photography, licensing and fees, negotiating, image library management, software tools and post-processing workflow. I do Portfolio Reviews & Critiques, and help photographers with various other project goals as needed. I've been a professional portfolio reviewer for several years at the North American Nature Photographers Assoc. (NANPA) Annual Conference.


One of the other services I'm known for given my decades-long experience in the Stock Photo industry is helping photographers learn how to sell (license) their own images, to understand the various licensing models, and determine the value of a particular type of use. For photographers who feel this is over their heads, but have someone who wants to buy one of their photos, I can also be retained to act as an agent to handle the sale of their picture. I've also written a page on my weblog with more information: Stock Photo Pricing Help.

For Publishers, Companies, and NGO's:

One of the services I offer is for companies trying to establish or rebuild an internal image library. This includes working with and educating employees regarding proper photo use, including embedding project information into metadata. I also bring focus on Intellectual Property contract issues, along with exploring the variety of image licensing models, usage restictions and tracking methods for companies that hire photographers, or use stock photography. When an employee finds an image "someplace on the internet", most companies have no idea that a single little oversight could wind up costing them thousands of dollars or more in legal & licensing fees.

Why hire me as your consultant?

With a career spannning more than twenty years, I've had the priviledge of working with some of the top-tier names in the outdoor, publishing, advertising, and photo industries. I've had the unique experience to be able to have experienced the industry from both sides of the fence, namely as a freelance photographer, but also in the image acquisition, research, and editing side. I've also paid close attention to how the industry has changed drastically over the last number of years, and what many photographers anc companies are doing to meet the challenges of a shifting landscape.

Fees for consultations can be charged by the project or by the hour. My standard rate is $75.00 an hour with a two hour minimum. For Photograhers wishing to have ongoing phone consultations, i.e. a mentorship program, I charge in two hour blocks that can be used in four 1/2 hour, or six 20-minute increments, etc. over the course of a year.

If you're interested in having me consult with you on a project, or if you want to know how I can help your company or organization, please contact me.

"Gary is a great guy and definition of professional. He readily shares his knowledge with other photographers and also takes a great interest in others as well. I wholeheartedly endorse him for any professional photography consulting." - R.W.

“Gary has always been tremendously helpful and supportive to me over the years while I developed my own business. Not only is he helpful and supportive, he’s a superbly friendly person and is easy to reach when I’ve needed his counsel. Thanks, Gary, for all your help and support over the years!” - M.G.

“Gary can not only deliver you content/techniques – but he can also give tactics/strategy for your photography business. Most of all, Gary is accessible when you need help. Every time I call Gary with a (sometimes silly) question, he stops what he is doing and answers my question with depth, knowledge and added value.!” - M.R.

Sometimes the path to a goal can be filled with unforeseen challenges.

Let me help you find the way.

"When it comes to pricing and marketing photography, Gary's insight and expertise is second to none. His advice helped me close deals on more than one occasion and I would not hesitate to recommend his services to any working professional." - G.T.

"I feel fortunate to have found Gary. He is a capable, supportive, and inspiring teacher who has helped me sharpen my eye and my editing. I have found his consultation invaluable in taking my photography to the next level. I would recommend him to photographers at any phase of their development! " - S.H.