When you need a fresh pair of eye, or an extra set of eyes.

I offer my services as a Professional Photo-Editor or Photo-Researcher to individual photographers, publishers, companies, corporations, and NGO's.

For individual Photographer:

I offer help to professional and amateur photographers who are having trouble editing their own work, or would like a fresh perspective. For instance, deciding which images to use for a calendar submission, or they want help laying out photos for a self-published book project. I've also helped photographers develop RAW image files, choose images for an upcoming exhibit or competition.

For Publishers, Companies, and NGO's:

A Member of American Society of Picture Professionals (ASPP), I offer my industry expertise as a Professional Photo-Editor and Photo Researcher. I also handle licening requirements and negotiations as needed. Services are usually rendered on a per-project basis. Companies I've worked with in the past include:

Weldon Owen Publishers
Palace Press
Amnesty International
Peter Beren Publishers
Voyageur Press
International Committee of Lawyers for Tibet
Browntrout Publishers

Why hire me to do your photo-editing or photo-research?

For more than nine years I managaed a niche stock agency, responsible for editing submissions out of a 400,000 image library, back in the days before digital images and photo-computer databases. I've worked with editors, art directors, publishers, and ad agencies of all sizes and know how to deliver project requests on time and on budget. I pride myself on speed and an organized workflow to expedite information and image selection.

If you're interested in having me assist you on a project, or if you want to know how I can help your company or organization, please contact me.

Have you ever needed to find an image of birds flying inside a 22 degree solar halo?

"I would look through a sheet of 20 slides when working on a submission, and know within two seconds whether there was an image on the page that would fit the clients requirements."