Volume 1 - North

Text and Photography by Gary Crabbe

Winner of the prestigeous
2013 IBPA Benjamin Franklin
Gold Medal Award
for Best Regional Title.




Northern California is home to some of the most magnificent natural wonders on the planet, attracting millions of visitors every year. With a whopping 432 pages and 340+ photographs, Photographing California - North will guide you to the most visually spectacular scenery and points of interest the area has to offer. This book is designed to help give you the best photographic advantage possible as you travel along California s breathtaking coast, from Santa Cruz to the Oregon border, encountering along the way the world s tallest living thing: the mighty Coastal redwood tree.

It will help you discover areas of the state born of fire, including the volcanic regions of Mount Shasta, Mount Lassen, and parts of the Eastern Sierra, along with areas dominated by water: the Bay Area, the Central Valley, and Lake Tahoe. It also includes other photographic flavors of California, such as scenic lighthouses, the wine country, the ghost town of Bodie, and of course, the State s crowning natural wonder, Yosemite National Park.

Part of a series:
I was delighted to be asked to produce this book as part of an established and growing series of photographic guidebooks started by fellow photographer and author, Laurent Martrés, who pioneered the series with his 3-volume set of titles, Photographing the Southwest. With his publishing division, PhotoTripUSA Publishing, an imprint of Graphie International Inc., Laurent has expanded the series to include a title on Oregon, and The World, with several other titles forthcoming, including a dedicated volume on Photographing California; Volume 2 - South. For more about Laurent's other books from this series, visit his PhotoTripUSA web site.

With more than 400 pages and 340 photographs, this is as comprehensive of a photographic guidebook on Northern California as you can imagine. Having photographed for six other books on California, it's packed with the best info I've gleaned over two decades of traveling throughout this great state. In fact, it's so full of information about places to photograph, the publisher had to edit out one portion of the book which is included in his other titles, namely the "On the Go Resources" which provides links and contact information for many of the locations. However, not wanting just leave this information on the cutting room floor, we've decided to offer the information as a free download in either a MS Word doc. file (which will have active hyperlinks), or as a PDF File.

Book: Photographing California Volume One - North

Format: Hardcover
ISBN 978-0916189204
6"x9" Format - $29.80

432 Pages
340+ Color Photographs