What could be better than seeing my pictures?
How about hearing me talk, telling the stories behind the images?

I am available for presentations & speaking engagements for companies and organizations. Presentation lengths can range from 45 minutes to all day seminars. Some of my most popular programs have included "Finding Light", "A Sense of Place", "Expressing your Vision", & "Touring the California Coast". I am also happy to prepare custom presentations or seminars for specific groups, or with an emphasis on a specific theme or location.

Groups & organizations have included:

Sierra Club
Recreational Equipment, Inc. (R.E.I.)
Photographic Society of America
Northern California Council of Camera Clubs (N4C)
Easy Going Travel

Why have me speak to your group?

With a background that includes a Master's Degree in Theater, including Acting, Writing, and Directing, I pride myself on being totally at home speaking in front of large groups. I bring lots of energy, enthusiasm, lots of great images, lots of great stories, and a lot of great information. My goal in all my speaking engagements and presentations is reflected in three of the most commonly heard responses; Entertaining, Educational, and Inspirational. I also try to be funny, get people laughing, and try to make sure that everyone has a good time along the way.

If you're interested in having me speak to your group or company, or if you have any questions, please contact me.

"I really enjoyed Gary's presentation. His topic was interesting, his delivery entertaining and he not only shared some beautiful shots, but his thought process in composing them." - K.M.

"One for the best articulated speakers and organized presentations to date. His theatrical experience came through and made it quite enjoyable." - B.

"Gary Crabbe is a great photographer and knows how to present a program. His enthusiasm is contagious." - J.G.

"Gary's wonderful, humorous and energetic presentation, coupled with his solid knowledge of the material, made this a great evening. - B.M.

"I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Gary Crabbe and seeing his incredible images. He was totally engaging and helpful in his theme song of "it's all about the light." - B.W.

"Excellent presentation. Clear, well-organized, instructive, focused yet covered a lot of territory, good examples, entertaining, and delivered with enthusiasm. What more could we ask?! - R.R.

"I thoroughly enjoyed Gary Crabbe's presentation. He's a wonderful color photographer (and) a wonderful communicator, both with his photography and photography lessons. He's also quite an entertaining speaker."