Photography by Gary Crabbe
Edited by Peter Beren

With stars strewn endlessly across the black canopy of the Sierra night, daylight reveals the majesty of Half Dome, the grandeur of French Canyon, and the awesome El Capitan. Here are the wonders of one the nation’s greatest treasures, Yosemite National Park, a soaring cathedral of the American wilderness (visited by more than three million people each year). On the eastern side of what is sometimes called “the Range of Light,” the lens of renowned outdoor photographer Gary Crabbe vividly captures natural beauty with painterly strokes. From the first light of sunrise cascading above an alpine creek to the last glint of sunset reflected on the joyful serenade of a waterfall ballet at Horsetail Falls, the spirit of the land will nourish your soul. 

In addition to the breathtaking imagery, this small but exquisitely printed volume speaks through the voices of our greatest nature writers. This consummate marriage of word and image is the perfect gift for anyone who has ever marveled at the unparalleled diversity and complex, fascinating beauty of Yosemite National Park and the glorious gallery of the Eastern Sierra’s natural wonders.

With quotes and writings by: Ansel Adams, Mary Austen, Ezra Bowen, Charles Loring Brace, Theodore Bunnell, John Burroughs, J. Smeaton Chase, Lawrence Collins, Mary Cone, Annie Dillard, William O. Douglas, Loren Eiseley, Gretel Erhlich, Tom Hayden, J.M. Hutchings, Jonathon King, Barry Lopez, John Muir, David Robertson, Carl Sharsmith, Gary Snyder, Wallace Stegner, Charle Warren Stoddard, Mark Twain, and Ann Zwinger.

Format: Hardcover
ISBN 1-932183-24-8
160 Pages
100 color photos

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