Giving Thanks 2012

By November 21, 2012Animals, Books, Photos

Picture: Pair of fledgeling Mourning Dove siblings resting together just moments after taking their first flight out of their nest.

Image: Pair of fledgeling Mourning Dove siblings resting together just moments after taking their first flight out of their nest

I want to wish everyone here in the US a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.

Ok; I know… it’s not quite turkey for Thanksgiving, but this picture of two doves is as close as I can get as far as showing a bird. I wouldn’t dare suggest serving these babies for dinner. Yet they represent one of the many small things I’m thankful for this year. For the second time in as many years we had a pair of Mourning Doves take up residence just outside our kitchen window. Last year we watched them lay egg after egg, yielding just one chick and seven non-viable eggs. This year we watched as the pair had three pairs of chicks during the season, with five surviving to leave the nest. (One fell out.)

Among the big things I’m most thankful is my family and their health. We have friends and other family struggling with severe health issues. Watching their fights reminds me again what are the big things, and what are the little things. I’m thankful that every so often I can take a breath, and remember to keep in mind which things are which.

– And speaking of Thankful – I’m so thankful that my current book project, Photographing California; Volume 1 – North, is done, done, and more done. As I write these words, the books are making their way from the ships to the bookstores, and should be available for purchase in the coming days, or certainly by the end of the month. (I believe you can Pre-Order at Amazon)

I’m also thankful for all the help I got while working on the book. Many people I’ve thanked in the front of the book, including a number of other photographers who were kind enough to contribute an image or two. As a show of my thanks, I got the publisher to place their credit lines and web sites listed right at the front of the book.

However, there were a few other contributing photographers whose gracious help and generosity wound up on the cutting room floor, to become all but lost in the shadows of the process. Yet I still want to thank these people for the time they took, and their willingness to help. Following are a few images from several of the potential contributors whose images didn’t make the book, but I’m sharing here along with their names and links to their websites. Please take a moment to check out their work.

Devil’s Falls
Photo by: Darrell Robinson

Granite Lake
Photo by: Sathish Jothikumar

No Hands Bridge
Photo by: Alan Craig Barnard

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  • Jim Miller says:

    Can’t wait to pick this one up, Gary. By looking a the List of Resources .PDF on the book’s web page, it looks like this thing has gotta be chock full of great images and great advice. Lots of “old friends” in terms of locations on that document. Warm regards.

  • Greg Russell says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Gary. I hope you had a great holiday weekend with family/friends.

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