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Do you want to take better pictures?

I can help you learn to take better scenic landscape photos, outdoor, nature, and travel pictures, and it's not just about teaching you photography. I teach you how to see better, and to understand light better. I teach you how to not just make better photo, but how to tell better, stronger stories with your photos.

Do you wonder why your vacation photos don't look like what you saw when you clicked the camera shutter? Are too many of your pictures coming out all blurry? Confused by all those numbers on your camera lens? Maybe you've spent a lot of cash on a new camera system, but still can't tell the difference between a f-stop and a truck stop?

Perhaps you're already an accomplished shooter, but still want to get better. Do you want to refine and strenghten you personal vision, and learn to 'see' better in the field? Maybe you're looking for a better understanding or recognizing and working with different types of naural light, composition, or subject choice?

I don't like using the now-cliche saying that I'll help take your photography "To the next level." I don't want to make vague, general, broad promises. What I will promise is to give you the tools to help you improve how you use your eyes, mind, and equipment.

The mantra I use with my students:

"I'll know I've done my job correctly when, while you're out shooting something in the future and you hear my voice in your ears; not just a week later, or a month later, but six months, a year, or two years later. That's when I know that I've really done my job."

That's how I roll, and that's how I teach. And I don't think you should expect anything less from any workshop or learning experience.

I offer a variety of ways to help you learn and improve your photography:

The simple and all-important question is, "What works best for you?"

I offer three basic options for direct, interactive learning, and (soon-to-be-released) photography E-books. Click on one of the following links for more information:

Group Photography Workshops & Photo Tours

These are pre-planned, organized events with anywhere between 6-12 participants. These are generally one to five days in length, and include a variety of shooting locations. Instruction will often include a mix of presentations, in-field demonstrations, and one-on-one assistance. Click here to see the list of current and upcoming outdoor and scenic landscape & travel photography workshops and tours.

Custom Private and Small Group Workshops

Looking for more personalized attention and learning? My customized private workshops are perfect for individuals and small groups. Why settle for 1/6th or 1/10th of an instructor's attention/ With my private 1-on-1 custom workshops, you tell me what you want to learn, and that's what we work on; this becomes your workshop, and you get 100% of the attention. For small groups (friends or camera club members), a private custom workshop is a great way to share costs, and still get an incredible amount of personalized attention and instruction. Click here to learn more about my Custom Private Outdoor Landscape and Travel Photo Workshops and Tours for individuals and small groups.

One-on-one Consultations via phone, email, or skype

Looking to take your photography to the next level, but you're not able to travel, or perhaps aren't looking for a workshop-type experience? No Worries, that's why we have technology. My photographic consultation services are perfect for those people looking for personalized attention and instruction. Services include portfolio reviews, help with image editing, photo processing, other types of photo information, or perhaps even help with starting your own photography business. Click here to find out more about my personalized, individual photography consulting and photo portfolio review services.

Photography E-Books

I'll soon be announcing the release of my first photography E-Book, and I hope to follow that with several more free or for-sale e-books over the course of the coming year. The best way to find out about when these are released will be to sign up for my Newsletter and / or follow my blog posts.

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