Photographic Prints

Enlightened Images exclusively offers premier museum-grade, exibition quality Photographic Prints and Wall Murals. Proudly showcasing stunning moments of natural beauty, each image is printed to my critical artist’s specifications. All images may be ordered as a stand alone print (Print Only) for clients that wish to do their own mounting, matting, or framing. This option is also designed to accomodate Interior Designers and Art Consultant requirements. Depending on the size of the photograph, a print may also be ordered with a signed Matte, Framed, or with a borderless Wall Mural Mounting options.

A note on sizes: Prices are based on the size of the photographic paper, as measured by the longest dimension of the print. The exact finished print size – we call “Live Image Area” will be slightly smaller than the listed paper size, to accommodate both the full frame printing of the image, and if applicable, the overlap of the Window Matte over the edge of the photo. For example, a finished 16″x 20″ print may actually measure 13.5″x 19.5″ when printed on the photographic paper; this allows for a 1/4 inch border on each side of the longest dimension. If a Window Matte is ordered, an additional 1/8th to 1/4 inch is overlapped by the inside edge of the matte.

Print Size

Photographic Prints range in size from 5″x 7″ up to 48×72″.

Smaller Prints, including the 5×7″, 6×9″, and the 11×14″ are perfectly sized for personal gift giving, or as corporate gifts for our clients wishing to show a special level of appreciation and gratitude to their clients or employees.

Larger Prints and Wall Murals are available in many sizes ranging from 16″x 20″ to 48″x 72″. These prints are perfect for home, or office where you are looking for one or several images to visually ‘hold’ the space, be it a living room wall, an entryway, executive office, or corporate boardroom. Also great for offices looking to provide a unique client meeting or employee workspace environment. We offer Matting and Framinng on Prints up to 16×20″ in size. Larger prints designed for framing are generally shipped plain with a small border to accomodate the framing process. Large prints should be framed by a professional to avoid any damage to the print that can occur due to mis-handling. Wall Murals are printed without a border (borderless), and are professionally mounted to a durable backing material.

Prints can be ordered in a variety of output processes:

  • Traditional Exhibit-Grade Photographic Paper Print with a non-glossy Luster surface.
  • Fine Art Exhibition Quality Photographic Giclee – 100+ year Archival Pigment Ink Print
  • Canvas Print – made with high-quality archival inks on real canvas for a more ‘painterly’ look with wrapped edges.
  • Metallic Print – A fabulous and durable process printed on Aluminum with a non-glossy Satin surface. Can be ordered with an optional Shadowbox frame.
  • BY REQUEST – Acrylic Prints; beautiful prints mounted under acrylic for a wonderful modern appearance with vivid colors.

Mattes & Mounting

Prints ranging from 5×7″ to 11×14″ in size may be ordered with an optional window and backing matte. The matte will add a white border on all sides of the print.(See examples on this page.) All window mattes are white, museum-quality, archival buffered rag board with acid-free components, and are signed in pencil on the front side, just below the lower right corner of the image.

Wall Mural Prints

All Wall Mural prints can be mounted and affixed to a variety of materials. These materials include the very light “gatorfoam” which hangs by velcro, and the very sturdy “Sentra” or the harder and heavier masonite, both of which commonly uses a recessed frame, making the picture seemingly “stand off” the wall. Metallic Prints can also be made to stand off the wall using a Float Mount, or can be ordered with a more traditional style frame around the edge.

Metal Prints include a backing float hanger for small prints or a sturdy backing float frame for rigidity on larger prints. Shadowbox or Euro-style frames around the border of metal prints are available at an extra cost. Let me know if you want pricing for these options.

Framing Options

Standard Black Metallic Frames are available for 6×9″ and 11×14″ prints. Framing options require the print be mounted in one of our signed, archival Window Mattes. These are traditional matte black finish metallic frames with clear 1/8″ plexiglass. We will generally not ship prints framed with glass due to the extreme likelyhood of breakage and resulting damage to the print. Framing of larger prints is an option that is available as a custom order. To request a quote on framing of larger prints, please contact me.

* The last two columns represent the most popular gift sizes.

Traditional Photo Prints – Sizes & Prices
Item / Size  5″x 7″  6″x 9″ 11″x 14″
Live Image Area 5″ x 7.5″ 6″ x 9″ 9″ x 13.5″
Finished Size
(w/ Matte or Frame)
 8″x 10″  9″x 12″ 16″x 20″
Print Cost $ 29.95 $ 39.95 $ 99.95
w/ signed Window Matte $ 49.95 $ 69.95 $ 149.95
Matted & Framed*      n/a $ 99.95 $ 199.95
Larger Photographic Print Prices
Item / Size 16″x 20″ 20″x 24″ 20″x 30″ 24″x 36″
Approx. Live Image Area 13″x 19.5″ 16″x 23.5″ 19.5″x 29.5″ 22.75″x 34″
Traditional Photo Print $ 175.00 $ 249.95 $ 399.95 $ 499.95
Fine Art Canvas Wrap $ 249.95 $ 349.95 $ 499.95 $ 649.95
Metallic Print w/
Float Mount
$ 299.95 $ 399.95 $ 599.95 $ 749.95
Photographic Wall Mural Print Sizes & Prices
Item / Size 30″x 40″ 36″x 50″ 40″x 60″ 48″x 72″
Approx. Live Image Area 25.5″x 39″ 31″x 48″ 39″x 59″ 47″x 71″
Traditional Photo Print $ 750 $ 1,000 $ 1,295 $ 1,600
Trad. Photo Print with
Sintra or Masonite Mount
w/ Recessed Frame; add:
$ 250 $ 325 $ 400 $ 500
Fine Art Canvas Wrap $ 1,000 $ 1,325 $ 1,650 n/a
Metallic Print w/
Float Mount
$ 1,150 $1,500 $ 1,750 n/a

Discounts & Specials

Discounts are offered for the purchase of multiple prints. Discounts will vary based on the size and number of prints ordered. For specific information regarding print discounts, please contact me.

I have a standing special for either the 5×7″ or 6×9″ print sizes that is Buy Three, Get One Free. That offer is good for all options, including the plain prints, matted prints, or matted & framed prints. However, all prints must be ordered with the same options.

I also offer occasional Special Print Offers and Sales. To find out about these, or follow me on Facebook. (See links below) Note: Some special offers are made exclusively to Newsletter Subscribers.

*** Industry Discounts are also available to Art Galleries, Art Consultants and Dealers, and Interior Designers. Please inquire for details.

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