“Why settle for 1/12th, 1/15th, or 1/20th of the attention in a large group workshop? I pride mysef on giving you 100% of my attention. After all, isn’t that what the learning experience should be about? It may not be as social, but you’ll walkway having learned more about what YOU wanted to learn.”


Private, custom-tailored On-Location Landscape, Nature, and Travel Photography Workshops & Photo Tours for Individuals and small groups throughout California & the Western United States.

Available for individuals, couples, small groups, clubs, or organizations interested in learning more about taking better nature and travel photos, or even the business aspects of professional photography. Workshops for all skill levels, from beginning amateur to the aspiring professional.

Wish you could take better pictures?

Do you wonder why your vacation photos don’t look like what you saw when you clicked the camera shutter? Are too many of your pictures coming out all blurry? Confused by all those numbers on your camera lens? Maybe you’ve spent a lot of cash on a new camera system, but still can’t tell the difference between a f-stop and a truck stop? Perhaps you’re already an accomplished shooter, but still want to take your picture taking to the next level?

Spend one, two, three, or five days on location.

I will custom tailor a learning experience involving educational slide presentations, personal portfolio reviews, and best of all, shooting on location. I work closely with each client in choosing dates and locations ideally suited for producing the best educational and photographic opportunities. Depending on the client, our workshops are designed to focus many aspects of natural light nature and landscape photography, including technical issues like composition, filters, lenses, depth of field, exposure, and flash compensation. Clients interested in selling thier photography can also learn about the business.

Basic location workshop costs are $500.00 a single day for the first person, and $150.00 a day for each additional person. Discounted base rates are applied for additional days; i.e. (2) days are $850.00, and (3) days are $1,000.00 for the 1st person, while add’l participants remain at $150.00 per person per day. A modest photographers per diem may be required depending on the distance and or location of the workshop. (Client selected locations.) One day private location workshops are available by special arrangement. Please let us know if we can answer any questions or if you would like to make arrangements for one of our workshop programs.

Why hire me?

I love teaching and working with people on a close and intensive basis. I find out what you want to learn, or what you are having trouble with, then I custom-tailor an experience to focus on your priorities. In most cases, workshops will also include a portfolio review of your existing shots, and a review of images taken in the field.

I’ve been leading private workshops and tours for more than 10 years. Prior to that, I spent nearly a decade assisting and helping to instruct students in more that thirty of Galen Rowell’s Mountain Light Photo Workshops while he was based in Berkeley and Emeryville.

If you would like to find out more about hiring me for yourself or a small group, please contact me by phone or email.

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