Picture: Fresh snow on tree branches in Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park, California

Fresh snow on tree branches in Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park, California

I just heard the weatherman on the radio say, “only three more days until Winter.” It’s so odd that last week we had the lowest, longest-lasting snowfall in the San Francisco Bay Area in many many years. Today the weather was approaching the mid-sixties and sunny; warmer than most summer days in downtown San Francisco.

I must be feeling old & confused. I remember growing up back east, we had all four seasons, just like they were taught to us in school when we were very young kids. I think I need a trip to the mountains, where winter is winter, and not just a long series of pre-spring, early spring, late spring, and early summer rain storms. I need to see more of those cool white snowflakes wafting downward from the heavens, and coating the world in a peaceful blanket of tranquility.

I do remember one thing about winters as a kid back east that kids here in most of California never get to experiece; the Snow Day. It was when you woke up, saw snow on the ground, and ran to the kitchen where your mom was listening to the radio, waiting to hear if the name of your school got called. “The following schools will be closed today because of snow…” If you heard your school’s name, it was yeah-baby, time to go play! Yeah… that’s it… that’s the ticket. I need a Snow Day. 🙂

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