Video: Chasing fall colors in the Eastern Sierra

Image: video: Photographing fall colors in the Eastern Sierra, California

Toward the end of last year I set out to start learning a little bit of my camera’s video capabilities and using Adobe Premier editing software. As part of that learning process, I decided as a bit of a self-assignment to make a photographer-friendly travelogue video about photographing the fall colors in California’s Eastern Sierra.

Although I shot the footage last year, I haven’t had a chance to really learn the editing part of the equation until just recently. This video is a raw, unscripted, off-the cuff travel diary in which I hope to give a few helpful tips and locations for photographers traveling to the area for the first time, or who just don’t have the same familiarity with the region as those of us who are more frequent visitors.

Even though I have a degree in the theater and feel fairly comfortable on stage or in front of a camera, now that the video is done and ready to be seen, I feel those same nervous twinges like I’m about to step out on stage totally naked. As Bill the Cat would say, “Ack!”

Please let me know if you’ve enjoyed this video by leaving me a comment, and / or sharing this video with your friends using one of the social media buttons located at the top of this post. If all that results is the sound of chirping cricket, well… then I guess I’ll just have to return Steven Spielberg’s directors chair.

And now, on with the show….

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Gary Crabbe is an award-winning commercial and editorial outdoor travel photographer and author based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, California. He has seven published books on California to his credit, including “Photographing California; v1-North”, which won the prestigious 2013 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Gold Medal award as Best Regional title. His client and publication credits include the National Geographic Society, the New York Times, Forbes Magazine, TIME, The North Face, Subaru, L.L. Bean, Victoria’s Secret, Sunset Magazine, The Nature Conservancy, and many more. Gary is also a photography instructor and consultant, offering both public and private photo workshops. He also works occasionally a professional freelance Photo Editor.

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  • Wendy Scott says:

    Hi Gary, great job, you have inspired me to take a couple of days in the next week or two and go shoot some photos, always thought I had to go to Utah or Colorado for those golden aspens. the only suggestion I can offer is maybe insert a map with your locations and point them out on the map. As it is I will have to watch the video again and write down the locations and find them on a map before my trip, otherwise great job, thanks Wendy

  • Dave Miller says:

    Great video Gary. Well done. Thanks for your time and efforts to share some of your favorite places. I even learned of a new place or two!

  • Absolutely gorgeous work – now I want to go and visit these areas the next time I’m in California during the Fall. I have two camera buff grand children living in California that I know would love to watch this video and take some lovely photographs of the areas. Thanks for sharing!

  • David Laurence Sharp says:

    Thanks for the great video Gary. I’ve never made it over to the eastern for fall before but I have been through the Virginia lakes area before in June. Now I have a reason to get back to that area.

  • Very cool Gary – well done!

  • David says:

    Hello Gary,

    That was a wonderful and informative post regarding fall photography in the Eastern Sierra. I am wondering if you give private or small group tours of the area? I would be interested in joining one. Perhaps you can let me know the costs. Have a good weekend.


  • Serena Jason says:

    Great video Gary. Thanks for your efforts. Totally agreed with what Wendy Scott said in her comments. I too would like to see a map included in your video. Will be going to Bishop next week to photo the fall colors. Now looking for a map to pinpoint your suggested locations. Thanks for sharing.

  • Len Wilcox says:

    Gary, you did a great job, and thanks for sharing your knowledge. Keep pushing the envelop!

  • Nice job Gary. Die hard fall color photographers will watch all 10 minutes, but you may want to consider a 3-5 minute edit to put out there. Fun to see the end result of your work after crossing paths with you in Bishop last year.

  • Jim Toombs says:

    Seen your pod cast very informative and great colors

  • John Wall says:

    Nicely produced video, Gary. Good audio too. Nice to run into you with your class out at Point Reyes, by the way. We scored a gorgeous morning.

  • Bill Heiser says:

    That’s a great video Gary. The nervousness you mentioned doesn’t show :). Even though I recognized the areas you visited, it was still interesting to watch, and inspires me to make sure I get out there to get some shots. There are plenty of written accounts of the foliage, but the “live” video adds another dimension. Thanks for sharing this!

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  • James says:

    Love it! Thanks for pinpointing some locations. I’m from the east but I’ve been through that area three times and wished I had known of those areas before!

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