Photo: Photographer shooting the cliffs of Drakes Bay during a photo workshop at Point Reyes National Seashore, Marin County, California

Class pictures from the September 2016 Photographing the Beaches of Point Reyes photo workshop participants.

I’m delighted once again to present a sampling of the work created by a wonderful group of participants who recently joined me for a weekend photo workshop called Photographing the Beaches of Point Reyes. Unlike my previous class that focused on smaller, intimate details where we felt blessed to have an entire weekend of a solid, fog-filled skies, this class was more focused on larger landscapes, yet we still got stuck with a weekend filled with foggy gray skies. Also unlike that previous class where we all very much enjoyed getting to sleep in late and not chase the sunrise starting at 4:30 AM, the limited opportunity for photographing any natural color other than gray meant getting up super-early to chase the blue hour light, which normally occurs about 50 minutes before sunrise. The soft light was definitely more of a challenge to work with, and yet everyone did a remarkably great job, with a number of folks opting to try their hand at processing images in Black and White. I should also mention that while we never did see the sun, the brilliant orange sunset colors in several of the images are actually from bright halide lights on fishing boats that were just offshore. As gray as the skies were, some light, any light was good, and it didn’t matter where it came from. 🙂

Photo: Photographer shooting the cliffs above Drakes Bay during a photo workshop at Point Reyes National Seashore, Marin County, California (Above)

If you’re interested in joining me for an upcoming workshop, I have a number of three-day workshops coming up in the next few months, including my 1-day Panoramic Point Reyes photo workshop class coming up on September 24th, followed by two 3-day workshops, Limantour Beach Photo Retreat on Oct 7-9th, and Photographing the Natural Wonders of Point Reyes Nov 4-6, 2016. Click here for a full list of upcoming group photo workshops.

So without further delay, here are the photos. I’m sure the participants would love to hear any feedback or if you have any favorites if you’d care to leave a comment below. Thanks, – Gary.

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Gary Crabbe is an award-winning commercial and editorial outdoor travel photographer and author based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, California. He has seven published books on California to his credit, including “Photographing California; v1-North”, which won the prestigious 2013 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Gold Medal award as Best Regional title. His client and publication credits include the National Geographic Society, the New York Times, Forbes Magazine, TIME, The North Face, Subaru, L.L. Bean, Victoria’s Secret, Sunset Magazine, The Nature Conservancy, and many more. Gary is also a photography instructor and consultant, offering both public and private photo workshops. He also works occasionally a professional freelance Photo Editor.

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